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Kareem: How to get in shape like an elite athlete

Sun Aug 24, 2014

I saw you last year on Splash where you and other celebrities were diving off high platforms and you looked in terrific shape, especially for a man in his 60s. I’m only in my 40s, and I’m struggling to keep my waistline from matching my age. What’s your secret? Justin I was in good sha

Kareem: 10 winning picks for a happier week

Sun Aug 17, 2014

Alice Walker, one of my favorite authors, once said, “Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” While it’s true that ultimate happiness comes from our interactions with friends and family, there are plenty of everyday activities and pleasures that can brighten the week. So, this week, I’m recommend

Kareem: Blaxploitation films: Raise your hand if you can dig it

Sun Aug 10, 2014

I’ve got a simple question for you: “Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?” If you answered, “Shaft,” then, my friend, you can dig it. If not, then you might have missed one of the most important film movements in American history. The French had their prec

Kareem: 8 graphic novels you'll thank me for recommending

Sun Aug 03, 2014

If a Sharknado had suddenly hit San Diego last week, the world would have lost its greatest, most influential leaders. Leaders in pop culture, anyway. Because that was the site of Comic-Con 2014, the comic book convention that hosts 130,000 fans, pop culture trendsetters, major movie and television stars, as well as the writers, directors and pr

Just Ask Kareem: Getting son to play, when to retire

Sun Jul 27, 2014

Q. I am desperate for your help, Kareem. My son, Sam, is 15 and refuses to do any physical exercise, whatsoever. He’s a great kid, otherwise, always does his chores and homework and gets good grades in school. But he spends all his spare time playing video games on his Xbox or watching horror films on Netflix, usually while munching on

Kareem: Bless this union? Yes, for the athletes' sake

Sun Jul 20, 2014

A few months ago, a dapper man named Ramogi Huma attempted to destroy everything that America holds sacred. Were he successful, our glorious cities would have crumbled to nothing more than shoddy tents stitched together from tattered remnants of Old Glory; our government officials would be loin-cloth-clad elders gathered in the rubble of

Kareem: How cheating in sports hurts sports and America

Wed Jul 09, 2014

Professional sports are a $14.3 billion business in this country and every aspiring pro athlete is drooling for a thick slice of that juicy money pie. Nothing wrong with that goal. It’s the American Dream to use your own talents, training, discipline and will power to succeed. And with 12,660 professional athletes in this country,

5 contemporary young adult novels adults should read

Fri Jun 27, 2014

The recent success of both the novel and film “The Fault in Our Stars” has instigated a cage match of brawling pundits discussing the pros and cons of adults reading young adult literature. At the core of the discussion is the recent study that showed that 55 percent of people who buy young adult books are older than 18 (28 p

Just Ask Kareem: Sports Edition

Sun Jun 22, 2014

Thank you all for your many emails asking my advice. Today I decided to focus on sports-related questions in honor of the NBA Championships. Tim Duncan just broke your record for playing the most minutes in playoffs. How did you feel about that? – Mandy, Los Angeles Every time one of my records is

Kareem: My best and worst NBA Finals moments

Tue Jun 17, 2014

What’s it like to play in the National Basketball Association Finals? Intense, unremitting pressure. I should know, I’ve played in 10 NBA Finals, having won six of those times and been elected Most Valuable Player twice. Imagine first walking onto the court to the screams and boos of 20,000 fans. Add to that t

Kareem: California mixtape

Sun Jun 08, 2014

In the movie “High Fidelity,” John Cusack, as Rob, explains the subtle art of making a mixtape, warning that there are rules when using someone else’s poetry to express your own thoughts. With that in mind, I’ve decided to make a mixtape of my favorite songs about California, using the poetry in these songs to express wha

Kareem: Why Jon Stewart is more important to conservatives than Bill O'Reilly

Sat May 31, 2014

Conservatives are in trouble. They’re losing members faster than I lost my hair in the ’80s. Among baby boomers (born 1946-64) and Gen Xers (born 1965-1980), the difference in numbers between Democrats and Republicans was a few percentage points. Among Millennials (born after 1981), however, the gap is much larger: 55 percent

Kareem: Is 'California Dreamin' still a reality?

Sun May 25, 2014

What if the earth is dry and barrenWhat if the morning sun is mean to us forThis is a state of mind we live inWe want it green and so it’s green to us forWhen you have wonderful plans for tomorrowSomehow even today looks fine soWhat if it’s rock and dust

Kareem: Celebrity gossip is good

Sun May 18, 2014

“Gossip is the new pornography,” complains a character in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan.” In the movie, he is specifically referring to celebrity gossip. If by that statement he means that celebrity gossip, like porn, often ends with the practitioners feeling good, I would agree. But if he means that indulgers of

Kareem: Fans say, 'Hey, Let's Ask Kareem,' so here are the answers

Wed May 07, 2014

After many years of receiving thousands of letters and emails from fans around the world asking for advice, former NBA legend and Los Angeles Register columnist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is finally ready to leave it all on the court in his new monthly advice column, “Hey, Let’s Ask Kareem.” Got a problem? Need some advice? Email Kare

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