Ballot measure would overhaul rainy day fund

Updated on Oct 21, 2014

SACRAMENTO – California would revamp its little-used rainy day fund to pay down billions in pension obligations and other debt and to provide a larger cushion against future economic downturns under...

News in photos: American released from North Korea, Toys 'R' Us won't pull 'Breaking Bad' toys

Updated on Oct 21, 2014

Lansner: Here are five ways the Ebola crisis may cost you

Updated on Oct 21, 2014

Kobe Bryant brushes off ESPN 'idiots' who ranked him 40th

Updated on Oct 21, 2014

Harmonson: What does the NFL survey sent to SoCal residents mean for an L.A. team?

Updated at 10:55 am

Dozens of answers into the ordeal, it no longer was clear if the screen featured a dating profile or a survey about interest in the NFL’s return to the nation’s second-largest market. Queries...